Computational Electromagnetics (CE)

  Modelling and parameter extraction
  Discretization and Solution Methods (FDTD, FIT, FEM, BEM, FDS, TLM, PEEC)
  Applications (Antennas, Microwave, Interconnects and on-chip passive structures)

Circuit Simulation and Design (CS)

  Reduced Order Modeling
  Numerical Integration Techniques
  TCAD/EDA tools and techniques
  Applications (Radio Frequency, Power Electronics, Optical Networks)

Coupled Problems (CP)

  Field-circuit coupled problems
  Multi-physics ( Substrate coupling, Coupling with electrical, thermal and mechanical problems)
  Application (Co-Simulation, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Bio-engineering)

Mathematical and Computational Methods (CM)

  Inverse Problems
  Multi-Scale Schemes
  Solutions methods for large linear systems
  Differential-Algebraic Equations (DAEs)
  Grid Computing
  Parallel Computing




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Computer Simulation Technology