The poster presentations at the SCEE 2006 will have a prominent role in the program. Every poster presentation will include a short (2 minutes; only a single sheet allowed) plenary talk. There will be a special session of such short talks before each poster session. The goal of this talk is to draw attention to your poster.
All accepted abstracts for poster presentation will be published in the Book of Abstracts. Moreover, final papers of oral and poster presentations have equal opportunity to be accepted for the final Proceedings, which will be reviewed separately.


Poster guidelines - reccomendation

These are just recommendation, the poster format below is not compulsory

  The available space for poster presentation is 1m x 2 m. We recommend that your poster be in portrait A1 format (width 59.4 cm, height 84.1 cm).
  You can take a look at the example posters.


Short plenary talk

Every poster presentation includes a short (2 minutes) plenary talk. Before each poster session, there is a plenary session consisting of such short talks. The goal of these short talks is to draw attention to your poster. Of course, it is not possible to give an in-depth overview of your research in such a short time. The in-depth overview of your research should be presented during the poster session. Keep the following guidelines in mind when preparing your short talk.

  Prepare just a single overhead sheet, or one PowerPoint slide. If you prepare one slide, you are kindly asked to provide it before the oral session (i.e before 9:00).

  Restrict yourself to results. People who are interested in the methods you used should come to your poster presentation.
  Do not exceed the allotted time. When the chair signals that it is time, stop talking. Because many people want to speak, we have to be very strict in the time limit.
  Make sure you are present at the poster presentation following your talk! That's where the real transfer of knowledge and ideas should happen.

Remember that this short talk is only to "advertise" your poster presentation. The only goal of the short talk is to catch people's attention. Therefore, it is of vital importance that you keep it short, and that you are present at the poster presentation.


Example posters

We provide an example of creating a poster in LaTeX, issued by C. Milazzo from University of Catania for SCEE2004.
Note that it is recommended that you personalize these example to your own taste, so as to prevent that all posters look too similar.
The example (view as PS file) shows how a new poster can be made using LaTeX.
This is the recommended way to create a poster.
View LaTeX file
Get example as Unix .tar.gz file.
Get example as Windows .zip file.




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